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Communication to the public or mass, better known as public relations is the kind of function which has evolved significantly along the years with advancement of communication technology. It is more than just press release or conference like decades ago. The role is getting much broader and so is the challenges ahead. The communication is not just border-less but also timeless. One unexpected event could be the news in the next seconds. Apart from Public Relations as communication function needs to perform and the process to follow through, it now becomes important discourse on how that function or role can be strategized in a technologically-connected and dependent global society. 

Nonetheless, the trends in technology and modern culture have played the roles in shaping the future PR. To make it more relevant with today’s development, the term has been sophisticated to emblematize what it is all about. As the title suggests, it is popularly referred as digital public relations (digital PR) or online public relations (online PR). It Is so obvious today that the many online media common people use everyday can also function as PR channels for business or organization. To name a few here, online platforms are such Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogspot and so on.

Online Public Relation Services

Online PR practitioners and digital agencies are the front-liners of brand’s or company’s image or reputation. Their function is to ensure that any piece of information about the brand or company will at least maintain positive impressions and improve trust or credibility. The absence of those attributes will create unfavorable effect, when other corporate functions such as marketing and sales want to convert the targeted consumers into buying leads. Or maybe when other department wants to execute its initiative that requires public participation.

Digital agency or online PR practitioners must be equipped with skills that will help them to get some feed from those online folks out there what they really say about your brand, company or services and products (Public Relations Research). What categories of campaign the PR people need to execute to get the message across (Public Relations Campaign). For the extended outreach, PR people has to devise plans on how to manage relationship and engagement in the use of social media (Public Relations in Social Media). So this may summarize what are nowadays typically executed on the online or digital platform. They are often combined with conventional public relations. This is the way to make it a full circle.

What Digital PR is best defined by Carrie Morgan in She is quoted from the website saying this: Digital PR is all about combining traditional PR with content marketing, social media and search. She explains further how static news can be transformed into fresh content that will generate conversations and speak directly with your target audience wherever they are on the social media platform. PR creativity is required to organize the content into different presentation formats. Professional PR practitioner will work out to turn it into Slideshare presentation, infographic, short videos for YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, updates on LinkedIn, Blog post, column on media outlets Websites.

The important action with major impact that will take your PR content further is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies. These pieces of technique will create the boost for your content’s exposure. With the right keyword research, it will drive people to find each piece of your content published online. It takes professional expertise to execute these course of actions because of existence of algorithmic guidelines of search engines and online ethics and webmaster policies.And this keyword research will optimize PR press releases from certain aspects. To explain them plainly, here they are:

1. The content itself will contain keyword and/or synonym that will allow search engine to crawl and index for relevant topic.
2. The keyword will be inserted into meta title, meta description, meta keyword, title and heading/subheading.
3. Press release links. Links will help the content to appear on various Websites.
4. Listing to appropriate press release Websites.

To launch successful online public relation campaign, media relations services will bring your content to the right people, they are online influences with followers that will potentially spread or share your content. They are people from different backgrounds such as journalists, bloggers, professionals and surely the influence is categorical. Contact online PR expert in Jakarta, Charlie M. Sianipar, (+62811-853-757) or you can visit this site GALASEO, Indonesia Search Engine Optimization company.
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