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GALASEO is active SEO agency Indonesia offering resourceful services to equip your website to be active channel for marketing from all over the world.

GALASEO is passionate SEO agency Indonesia, Jakarta to support any businesses, organisations, or companies to increase and improve online presence. We are driven to implement digital marketing and website optimization. GALASEO has experience over 7 years of executing strategic planning, creative solutions for full digital marketing in the sectors such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). The team is directly supervised by one of local SEO agency, Charlie M. Sianipar and closely managed by Tandil Wijaya. We are both certified for Advance SEO (Search Engine Optimization) skills from Asia Search Engine Academy, Singapore.

It was founded in late 2015 from duo initiatives to cater to digital marketing development as dynamic process that can start from single channel such as website to more complex campaigns such as online reputation management (ORM) and online crisis management.

When you have competitive business landscape, you have to pay attention seriously to your online competition. Your business may not thrive as well as it is supposed to be because of lack of search-ability and exposure. Jakarta inbound marketing, GALASEO will make sure that your business is on the top list of Google search by going through series of optimizations that will make your online presence through Website is maximum with search engine friendliness features. Yes, it is a clear statement from the perspective of SEO marketing. Google search engine needs quality contents from various sources for each topic or interest. It is the opportunity for any business to make business with Google by supplying rich contents that will serve the searching users to arrive at your site instead of competitor’s website.

When your site has been beautifully designed and developed from visual perspective. It has not made into ultimate purpose of having existence online. You need digital marketing campaign that will improve your search engine position. The Website is optimized for keyword-rich elements that will attract potential customers or clients with high ranking and relevant traffic. These objectives need to be set from the beginning to manage the goals expected, so that one will be prioritized over the other. This is very important to tackle, as it is build up of the whole campaign without getting into deviating path. The process takes time to make an impact. Any deviation will cause the process to be longer to get to the result.

Like any other IT sector for business, SEO is making the promotion and marketing as the strategies that are propelled by understanding of how data is processed by search engine algorithms and machine learning. Human touch and elements on the content are geared into more effective distribution with SEO technicalities. SEO expertise makes those content in whatever formats they maybe are becoming more meaningful and closely arranged into diverse yet cosely related group of information for certain topic and interest.

SEO Marketing Indonesia

The insights from this kind of data is what SEO expert will manage to bring in another course of SEO action that will augment each of the process. Speaking of augmentation, it is clearly speaking of the opposite, i.e. degradation, as well. It refers to negative results from SEO tactics that bring down or omit the website from showing on the search results for keyword it used to appear with the listing. This is the worst thing that can happen to the website and it means losing regular traffic completely. Professional SEO experts will reduce the risk greatly if they stay true to their principles of white-hat SEO. White hat SEO is expected to minimize the suspicion from search engine of overdosed SEO.

GALASEO is active SEO vendor Jakarta, offering resourceful services to equip your website to be active channel for marketing from all over the world. It can be your sole digital outlet or store or combine it as marketing tools to connect with your physical outlet or store. The localization of Google search has made it more than ever an important part of local business SEO. Targeting local markets such as Jakarta or other cities or region in Indonesia such Medan, Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya, Makassar even as far as Papua can be adopted with specific search engine techniques.

Link building is expected to play important role for best SEO strategy to rank on first page of Google. Many business executives need to deepen their understanding of high and instrinsic value for ranking on the first page of Google.  Doing the linking itself may be boring SEO routines, but it helps for great SEO result. Guiding principles may vary for one to other agency. It is very dynamic and it depends on the persistence and creative solutions of each agency to make the most of the external linking obtained.

Lastly, let us put your through the most audicious exploration of best SEO tactics combined with cyber PR (Public Relations). It is a specialised services, only capable of implementation by highly experienced SEO experts like the ones in GALASEO. It is widely referred as Online Reputation Management (ORM) and online crisis management. It is a much wider SEO campaign needed to protect the online reputation when it is on the line of negativeness.

Badly damaged image or perception from the public will easily fill the first page of Google searches as people tend to be naturally attracted to negative news. People want to know the details of what happen beyond the headlines from commentary articles and news. The impact can hit the bottomline of corporate survival-ability which is the the revenue generated from marketing and sales and a host of other potential commercial partnership.

Online reputation services will manage your comeback with removing or pushing down the negative contents from showing prominently of Google’s first page. It is absolutely dire situation to find your brand name is related to negative remarks. From user experience, common people will only bother to read contents from first page, unless somebody else doing research for project.

SEO agency Indoensia, provides the opportunities for the affected party to recreate new positive image or perception and leaving below all the past negative issues that have been resolved. It does not deserve to appear indefinitely on search results. Business must continue in more positive atmosphere for better future.

Before ending, there is one more thing to emphasize here, which is the search engine marketing. It is closely related to pay per per click services with Google Ads for search, display, video and mobile advertising. SEM will bring out your brand almost instantly like a rock-star. It will take center stage of the search results when effectively implemented with certified partners. It is paid listing that will vary from campaign to campaign on the budget allocation on each channel set in advance. Effective keyword selection will avert you from appearing at irrelevant context and bigger competitors.

If there is interest to work with GALASEO in a project, please give SEO marketing agency Indonesia a note in email or message in the mobile message, so that we can talk to you in private for proper understanding in the mutual way.
"The days of SEO being a game outsmarting algorithms are over. Today content strategy and valuable, sustainable strategies are essential, not just tricks and links.” ~ Adam Audette, Chief Knowledge Officer, RKG
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