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Inbound marketing agency is a rarely used term to refer to a digital marketing company in Indonesia which deals professionally with strategies to attract incoming interests from online users. However, GALASEO as integrated SEO agency founded by Charlie M. Sianipar and Tandil Wijaya deems that inbound marketing has close relevancy to cover any kind of traffic and lead generation marketing. Where about inbound marketing agency in Jakarta?

Finding inbound marketing agency in Jakarta will lead to certain brand names which have been long in the search marketing industry. GALASEO is late comer but strives to be preferred alternative in the dynamic course of digital marketing along the path of digital transformation in many sectors and industries. There is no doubt that Jakarta is the leading location to find many of them. It is a borrowed term from its origins in the United States, so it makes sense that Jakarta in the past was the first place to be exposed to. The honor must be belonged to Mr. Italo Gani as the first person who used it as services and became a synonym to his name in Indonesia.

All businesses have one thing in common as the ultimate goal. They need potential customers coming into contact with their business through sales and marketing channels. It used to be non-digital channels, whereas as push marketing, they target any one for widest possible impressions from passerby. But now, with digital transformation in all business sectors, one way you can generate list of new prospects through inbound marketing. There are hundreds of elements that play into an inbound marketing campaign. An inbound marketing agency as your working partner can play crucial role in helping you making into the transition.

1.    Apply proven methodologies
There are many varieties of inbound marketing methodologies and practices which are only well understood by experienced inbound marketing agency. The methods have been proven and considered affordable approaches to digital marketing in long term view.

2.    Online reputation checks
Reputation and experience are important factor when looking into and choosing an agency. Without credibility, it represents risks on your business you have worked hard to build from ground up. Doing some online research on agency’s reputation wouldn’t be hard to find. When GALASEO proclaims to be SEO services agency, there will be some keywords pointing to its website one way or the other to get found by people. Of course, there will be other information to be found with anything relevant.

3.    Who the people behind brand are
It is certainly most rewarding to be able to communicate casually and friendly atmosphere through online voice and video calls, as business management/owner and agency principal have so many points to understand and dig into needs, expertise, timeline, cost and budget and challenges and opportunities for any future joint work.

4.    Parallel work with your competition
Engaging two business entities in the same niche or industry will create fuzziness on implementing the strategies by the agency. The focus will not be 100% for your goals. This shall be made clear in advance prior to entering into any contract.

5.    Making the lists of benefits working an agency
Each business will have certain policy and criteria for working an agency. There are too many variables to elaborate here because they are combination of subjective and objective elements. It is the hard work on the agency to bring out the best persona to convince and impress the business, while the business needs to have confidence and comfort of working with the agency.

Exercising inbound marketing is making branding efforts as an extension of your brand. It takes your brand through any touch point of digital experience that let the users find about you whether it is through your official website or social media platforms. And connect them to your physical presence. To be right where your prospects can interact with your brand, gather information about it and have some kind of experience. Business goals and digital readiness on the business side will dictate how expansive the campaign can be.

GALASEO is part of an inbound marketing group of specialists in Jakarta, covering all over Indonesia for domestic and international clients. It specializes in working with business that provides products or services to other business (Business to business) and to consumers (Business to consumer). Inbound marketing service provider works ranges from brand and branding exposure to online reputation management with many tweaks of digital marketing creativity.

GALASEO is also free to have partnership with any other prominent inbound marketing agency to embark on big project. To understand more, please feel free to get in touch by email or direct message.
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