The Reason Indonesia Becomes The Best Target Market

As a country with a population so large, making Indonesia a potential target to unload any product, as expressed by, Indonesia is one of the internet and social media users in the world's three major groups, Twitter and Facebook. This condition is very potential for marketing in social media. One of SEO strategy to promotion is backlink.

Websites also need to be strengthened with relevant links or backlinks. Strong backlink is a backlink from a site that has loyal visitors, a growing number of visitors remain the better, meaning that the web will quickly be popular and it has quality content that people want to relate with. The exact link such as brandname will increase the effectiveness of SEO for a site, especially media marketing used to sell a product or service.

Indonesian people commonly use social media, for example Twitter account which has a significant number of followers, usually in thousands or higher, create many specific accounts, which are owned by private individuals, professionals to celebrities. The backlink we can come up with on social media is the buzzer technique. Just look at the time line or time line that is a set of hashtag (#keywords), it is not uncommon tweeps from Indonesia into the world trending topic. It is very advantageous for the business person, the owner of the brand, or online store that desperately needs exposure to have it carried out by the event organizer for event activation, political campaign.

As professionals of internet marketing, GALASEO, SEO company in Jakarta offer special services, to manage the buzzer in Indonesia. Create the right message, choose keywords and hashtag (#keyword(s)) as compelling as possible. Choosing the right Twitter account in accordance with the target market and figure out the right person, time frame and asking price whether it is reasonable with having regards to ROI (Return On Investment). Analysis and enhancement of landing page for the link(s) is included.

Some of the tips will be effective and efficient if you walk through the course coherently. By large this mechanism does not apply only to buzzer but also to SEO. Search engines like google or yahoo favor a site rich with content that is very good quality such as videos, photos, podcasts and PDF whitepapers. Website content should therefore be contextual and updated. Content should be made in the form of informative articles. So when it is visited, visitors find it worth time-spending and helpful. As a result, the number and time-duration of visitors will increase opportunities to acquire loyal customers, acquire new customers will be facile thing, they will come back to visit.

In order for your new site or blog built with whatever platform you choose, be it Blogger, WordPress, Joomla to get quickly indexed by search engines, you can promote the website, ask for like on Facebook. Spread links to various social media appropriately. Even try to obtain media publisher’s spotlight online, create also a video on YouTube. The more often the site address (URL) appears, the higher the potential to get on the front page of search results.

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