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Digital marketing increasingly makes up the business activities to support the dissemination of promotional information and coverage of corporate activities that can boost public interest in the products and services provided. It gets interesting going forward to implement as the underlying technology has made it convenient and efficient to execute and modify, and understand better the audience. Digital marketing agency is part of the process to make the ground work is not burdening the company or business establishment. BSD is dynamic region on the suburb of Jakarta to the west.

Digital media is strategic channel that lets you build online presence through digital strategies based on audience profile, types of content suitable to serve, and how to implement programmatically and organically.

Bumi Serpong Damai (BSD City) is a community and business development area owned and managed by Sinarmas Land. It is self-sufficient city that attracts a lot of professionals and executives and business owners to live and invest in the property like landed house, shop houses, offices and apartments. At the same time, the surrounding area is vibrant as BSD such as Alam Sutra and Summarecon Gading Serpong, Graha Raya and Bintaro. The room for local economic growth is promising for the long term.

Corporate and business of international and national scales are making inroad to have representations in the area. Just to name a few which signify the diversity of the industries from which they are coming from. Says, Unilever for consumer goods, EV Hive is growing co-working space provider, business services and networking for entrepreneurs and startups, Apple Developer Academy, Purwadhika for startup and coding school supported by Plug and Play (PNP) from Silicon Valley, California, Astra Biz Center for complete consumer experiences with products and services under its brands.

Then, MyRepublic an internet service provider from Singapore, Walden Global Service Hub the IT and software company; Huawei, Sale Stock and Orami. Geeksfarm also establish presence here for teaching programming for all ages, supporting children who can’t afford higher education to pursue programming and provided employment with partnering companies.

As for quality education from children to professionals are well represented by a few names to mention here such as, Sinarmas World Academy, Binus International School and University, Universitas Multimedia Nusantara, Universitas Pelita Harapan, Unika Atma Jaya, Universitas Prasetya Mulya, Universitas Liaisons Indonesia.

Sinarmas Land as developer is BSD City is embracing the future-proof landscape by allocating 25,86 hectares of land for digital hub BSD. It is quite interesting to be seen and get involved from digital marketing perspective. Digital marketing services are opening the opportunities to leverage on the brands by deploying diversely on digital platforms.

Internet is open society with certain ground rules and ethics, so it takes digital knowledge, experience and skills to present the brands the way it is to be recognized and to serve right to the needs f the consumers. From here, digital marketing agency BSD will play a part of the digital play. Play means for fun but following applicable rules like in the sports.

It is the advantage of the company with different types of digital assets to explore ways to boost brands through online news media, search engines, social media, and application where each node will leverage each other for better customer’s journey with their preferences to access pieces of information. Initial interactions, following engagements and conversions with different goals are the works of digital marketing agency BSD, Banten, South Tangerang.

GALASEO Indonesia SEO Company, internet marketing consultat are two kinds of digital marketing agency to serve clients in BSD City, Alam Sutera, Summarecon Gading Serpong and the rest of South Tangerang, Banten. It is necessary also to connect the offline and online in terms of awareness with branding and brand empowerment. The services will cover organic growth and paid ads to complement the benefits of each approach.

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Client may also balance between owned and third party channels.
Going digital can start from website, social media, news portals, blogging and many more. It is customizable for goals, target market and budget. It needs to build mutual understanding to work hand in hand to achieve positive impacts. Wait no more, contact numbers for GALASEO is reachable within clicks.

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