Bali Surf Guide in Canggu

Canggu is one of the charming resorts on the coasts of Bali in archipelagic Indonesia. Characterized by spellbinding white, sometimes black sand beaches and calm blue oceanic waters, it is an ultimate destination for all touristic activities. For many years, it has been used as a surf point letting thousands of tourists and locals to unleash their surfing potential. How do you go about surfing in this area? Below is a complete guide on how you should surf in the Canggu waters with Surf Well Bali in this respect as your guide.

Book a Lesson If You Are a Beginner

Surfing lessons not only prepare you to face the waters in style but also makes your surfing experience enjoyable and enriching. You can book lessons based on your age and for how long you would like to surf, standard time you can enjoy is up to 2 hours. People who do stay in Bali for long can book short term weekly courses to practice surfing regularly and get the uttermost experience. You will be taught by experienced surf guide who understand every step that will help you in becoming proficient from basic lessons.

Choose Your Surf Board Perfectly

To surf perfectly, you need to have an appropriate surfboard. The size, weight and surface area of surfboard determines how well you will surf. You can get a customized surfboard that will match your physical traits so that you surf without any problem. An experienced surfer coach will always know the kind of board that fits you. Customarily broad surf board will be suggested so you can float easily on the waves.

Know Which Surf Spots Are Best for You

Canggu area has plenty of surfing spots for various levels of surfing professionals, they are Old Mans – Batu Bolong where it is the spot where Surf Well Bali is based, then Berawa, Seminyak, Padma, Kuta, Airport Reef and Balangan. Know the spot that suits your level of expertise based on surf guide assessment so that you get the best experience. Below are some spots and their kind of surfers.

  • Balangan, this is a surfing spot that is meant for intermediate and advanced surfers.
  • Batu Bolong, for beginners who are just from their surfing lessons. Intermediate suffers can also have a wonderful experience. 
  • Batu Bolong Temple, for beginners and intermediate surfers who want to continue advancing their skills.
  • Keramas, is normally used by intermediate and advanced surfers.
  • Padang-Padang, It is only for advanced surfers because of its tides are one of the highest tides.

Every surfing spot is well-built naturally to enable amateur and professional surfers to enjoy an excellent experience. You can mix your experiences by surfing at different spots so that you get used to various kinds of surfing spots. Tides, swell range, swell direction, and wind direction are some of the things you need to confirm before you take your board to the waters. The guides will let you know when it is best for you to surf in the waters because not all time is conducive for surfing.

Canggu is almost directly to the beach so you can relax on the shores under palm shades as you enjoy the fascinating beauty of the waters and life of the local people. There is a calm breeze that fills the shores especially during the harsh sun of the summer.

If you are an international traveler, book a hotel near the camp, make sure you are located near the camp for an easy visit to the beaches and surfing points. Free bicycles are available for easy moving around the beaches. Any more details, you can always contact Welsen at Surf Well Bali for pick up arrangement.

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