Online Business Reputation Management

Business as online enterprise needs to manage its reputation as one of the goodwill and get into consumer confidence to get into contact and transaction. Online business reputation management increasingly becomes the new norm to have positive brand or name presence on several or multi digital touch points.

Brand or name is the ultimate attachment on consumer’s mind once they become familiar after long exposure and experience with a business through its product or services. To get to this point, it takes marketing journey that could span over some period of time, varies due to capacity in campaign strategy and creativity, and it must really involve some investments as well into digital marketing assets.

Due to open and expansive nature of digital platforms, sometimes some matter getting out of control for unintentional damaged reputation, which is often referred as public relations crisis. The situation is amplified by online contents.

Not all business entity may have equally well equipped internal team that will be able to cover the situation that happens online.  It takes external resource or expertise to assess the online business reputation and strategy to manage long ago or new existing unfavorable publicity. 

It is commonly agreed that people need good reference before they are set into buying or transactional mode with a business’ product or service. Depending on each niche or cost of product or service from a business, the consumer will receive information from online sources through links available on search engine’s page searches.

This data or information will be also available in voice format for popularity of devices from Google Home, Microsoft Cortana and Amazon Alexa in not far distant future.

Online business reputation management should be made as strategy to build contents over time on the internet that brings up values for the brand or name and a lot of brand mention. It may serve as populating the first page of search engine results. It is better to have own content about the business as brand or name rather than to have it relate to content made by other parties.

People are increasingly attached to devices and online sources to get first hand information about a brand or name. It will be an uptrend all the time. The tipping point is not foreseeable yet.   

It is interesting to read article written by Ryan Erskine on dated July 30, 2018 to note that 97% of business owners say online reputation management is important. This is a survey conducted by TripAdvisor in partnership with IpsosMORI, so the respondents are business owners and operators in the US and around the globe.

In professional assessment of GALASEO as Indonesia digital reputation consultant in Jakarta, this survey should serve as alerts to any industry that your prospective client or buyer is digging into digital content and online search before making their purchasing decisions. Business owners or commercial enterprise needs to have sense of concern what relevant party or stakeholder will find online.

Whenever there is no confidence which route to start with online business reputation management, it can be discussed with digital reputation consultant for audit of digital footprint and how to strategize.

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