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Engaging with advertising services is border-less interaction in today’s world. You will find unique and personalized digital campaigns that collaborate with digital eggheads, storytellers, media planners, maximize available resources to drive the traffic and ensuing developments. GALASEO is one digital agency to collaborate with, advertisement services in Indonesia.

Digital advertising services activates from network of expertise and niche of experience to transform business by circulating digital awareness, building the right context at local and global stage.

Search Advertising and Native Marketing

Searches from online references continue to be most important and effective channel to be major focus for existing and new clients especially on Google’s network. Many industries are exposed to varying degree of competition in the terms of keywords as the basic impressions to context and intent which is sophisticatedly derived from technology capability (currently, machine learning and artificial intelligence) to serve all kinds of information as closely relevant and of highest quality.

Advertising through search results will embody traffic drive and branding by brand and keywords to capture the existing search volume and outsmart the competition. It can get a boost from other channels aiming to brand-building activities such as TV ads, online and print media coverage, display and social media ads and placements. It can lead to direct or brand search.

Search advertising and organic development is recommended to foundation for all advertising activities that will encompass content and context building from time to time and get the right optimization in a coordinated and synergetic manner with other advertising efforts.

It takes experience and expertise to identify which channels that will show up on the searches other than vividly provided as menus such as All, Videos, Images, News, and Maps. The placement is dynamic in nature depending on the content and changes that constantly happens in the digital world.
It is important to understand that advertising services will need adequate budget to run as planned and objectives to achieve. It may aim for short term boost and engagement and in the end it can also aim to provide lasting impressions and stay in place to be accessible any time.

Online Advertising Services by Platforms

It is easy to see on your own how many channels and platform to deploy the advertisement online and offline. Television and radio are still around to be consumed by wide audience. Mass awareness is still its advantage to be the partners with good audience reach. It broadcasts as free to air programs and will also stream through online or social platforms.

Nowadays it evolves from just spot buying into other placement formats that will be created as smart placement, product review or show, and sponsorship. Social media is the place where direct interactions with the audience is present and some popular ones commands membership or following in the millions. Its response rate and engagement continue to challenge the brands on how to make sure they exist for the good image. Well, it still needs to plan ahead for the contents and how create program with incentives to grow the audience.

Video Advertising / Youtube

YouTube or other video channels is good source for audience reach. It can have strong emotional bond like TV broadcast. As the title suggests, each video is presented as the ultimate content right in front of the audience rather than as a feed or link. There are certain matrices to measure how well the video is consumed such as from view duration, likes and comments alike.  It can also be optimized for audience targeting and advertisers can place the video clip based on the preference of the audience in terms of their interest and videos they prefer to watch. There is always a way to match up between video ads and video to play).

Display and Programmatic Advertisements

Visual representation is always important element to pay attention with. It comes as display banner, responsive and rich media ads. It uses images as the driving force for attractions. It can take in the image, audio and text only in serving the audience. This type of digital marketing advertisement is well known for the services from Google, Bing and Yahoo Display Network. Programmatic ads or smart formats are also popular choices from Taboola and Outbrain. It blends the marketing communication with native content in the respective pages and platforms.

Media Coverage and Placements

To go direct with online and print media are available services by working with journalists to get the coverage in news websites. It takes some arrangements from contents to getting published, on average from same day to three days in publication.

Get the InsightsIt is advised to seek consultation before considering all these advertisement placements, to take in all the factors that will contribute to the implementations. Please contact GALASEO for your own insights.

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