What is Reputation Management in SEO

Reputation Management

As said search engine optimization is methodological application of content or page ranking higher on search results for relevant terms, while online reputation management is applying the strategy in broader spectrum. It is to manage the reputation by name, entity and brand.

Back to the SEO Basics

Search engine optimization is a combination of professional approaches and attributes in search engine algorithms that will improve rankings by keywords and page/site over a period of time and beyond.

They are not known and fixed factors but it results from years of implementation and observation so that they become body of knowledge for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as science and creative craftsmanship. Search engine pages will attest a great number of queries it can collect from servers around the world whenever there is such request.

Information is structured by complicated mathematical formula and codes; those are better known now as artificial intelligence. When the search engine deploys its robots to crawl and index any content, it will first check whether this is content is allowed for indexation. Once it is detected as such, it will consider where it is placed and how it is presented for human readers. As some important clues are, this piece of content or information will be considered from its quality, authority, authenticity and relevancy. This will relate to technical and content structure that will affect one or the other.

Reputation Management on Search Result Pages

In the context of reputation management, the perception can be attested to search engines such Google, Bing and others. The complete and most accessed one is Google. Other than organic and random keywords, people will also check on name, entity and brand.

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Often times, the owners of the name and brand may not be the best content provider or maker in any sense. They may not be active on the online platforms. Therefore, there may not many information about the name, entity and brand.

However, it does not mean there is no existing information at all. Some third parties may have put up some information that may or will relate to the name, entity and brand. Reputation management comes into significance when the queries for this particular name, entity and brand show up negative or unfavorable information for their goodwill.

The owner of the name, entity or brand needs to take active role to quash away those negative outputs on searches. They need to address the issues to bring back the reputation which may otherwise affect the consideration, intent or interest of the prospects to initiate any contact and visit in the first place.

Role of SEO to Boost Branded Rankings

SEO is ranking for keyword or phrase or website/webpage as one position on the top 10, while reputation management on searches will move the good contents about your name, entity or brand for top 10 results. Reputation management is harder game plan than SEO.

In many countries with advance economies, reputation is intangible asset that need careful nurture offline and online. Reputation management by online searches will also grow in importance in emerging economies such Indonesia as well. To have successful online reputation management, it requires the expertise of SEO services to manage the whole process end to end. It means the ranking will not only for official website, but also for other sites such as blogs, forums, social media, social bookmarks, and etc.

Maintaining positive postures on top 10 results of Google is very crucial to preserve reputation and prospects for interactions and engagements. By analysis, this top 10 are the most read section by percentage descending to the 10th link.

Organic links are more trusted than paid links.
By proper SEO campaign, reputation management for online will shield your name, entity or brand from future damaging contents provided how authentic and trustworthy they are. It is lengthy process, therefore the results are also for the long term.

Reputation management is all about presenting a positive outlook about your name, entity and brand where the audiences are and where they will search for. It needs to be built early on or by assessing its present impact and potential for the future.
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